Has any event from your internship stuck in your mind?
Have you learnt anything? Has it made an impact? Write it out.
For all students: Faculty of Health Sciences and Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry!

In return, we will learn about and think trough ways how to take care of you professionally and personally even better on your future internship.

Thank you.

Thinking about significant learning events which occurred on your practical internship can help you understand your own experience and learn from such events.

About SLIPPs

The SLIPPs Learning Event Recording Tool was developed within the framework of the SLIPPS project which is co-funded from the EU’s Erasmus+ programme. The SLIPPS project leader is Northumbria University UK in cooperation with Finland, Spain, Italy and Norway. And now even you LF and FZV students get a chance to speak up on this platform, as the first in the Czech Republic.

nurse visiting senior patient

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nurse visiting senior patient